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Why Choosing Good Bed Sheets is Essential for Summer Sleep?

Why Choosing Good Bed Sheets is Essential for Summer Sleep?

“Recently, I’ve been waking up a lot from sleep, finding myself sweating and my bed sheets sticking to my body. This is making me feel anxious because I am always afraid of not getting enough sleep during summer nights…”

As the weather moves into the summer season, many of us will find ourselves getting into the same situation. Once you wake up from the heat, it is hard to go back to sleep again, because we have all experienced the situation when anxiety adds more “heat” to the actual temperature. 

Even though the first thing that comes to your mind when the temperature is too high is to turn on the AC or fan when it comes to getting a good night's sleep during the summer season, choosing the right bed sheets is also essential for improving tossing and turning in discomfort. 

Read on if you can relate, we will explore why selecting good bed sheets is crucial for optimal summer sleep and provide insights into the best materials and features to look for when shopping for summer bedding. 



Why Do Certain Individuals Find it Easier to Overheat During Sleep?


Before we dive into selecting bed sheets, we want you to know your body and understand why the overheating problem does not bother your partner or affect everyone.

Usually, you will hear people using the term “hot sleepers”, for example. “Hot sleepers” are identified as people who naturally have a higher body temperature or tend to generate more heat, making it more difficult for them to maintain a comfortable body temperature. 

An example will be individuals with certain medical conditions, such as hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, or menopause, who may experience fluctuations in body temperature that can lead to increased heat and discomfort during sleep. 

Additionally, heavier individuals or those with higher body fat percentages may find it more difficult to regulate their body temperature while sleeping. Ok, let us explain a bit more so it doesn’t sound like we are judging your body size. Adipose tissue (body fat) acts as insulation, trapping heat close to the body and reducing heat dissipation. This can lead to a feeling of increased warmth during sleep. Excess body weight can also contribute to a higher metabolic rate, resulting in increased heat production.


What Bed Sheet You Shouldn’t Use During Summer? 


Synthetic bed sheets materials


Now, we found out the reasons causing you to get overheated during hot summer nights. It is time to analyze the bed sheets you are using right now because the wrong bed sheet could cause enhanced discomfort and overheating experience.  

Certain bed sheet materials can make you feel hot due to their poor breathability and insulation properties. Bed sheets using fabrics that are tightly woven or have a dense construction can restrict airflow and trap heat against your body, leading to a warmer and less comfortable sleep experience.

Synthetic bed sheets materials like polyester and nylon are examples of fabrics that may contribute to feeling hot. These materials are known for their ability to retain heat and inhibit proper ventilation. They have lower breathability compared to natural fibers, which can result in increased body heat and perspiration during sleep.



What Infomation You Should Look for When Selecting Summer Bed Sheets?

When selecting summer bed sheets, especially online shopping, there are several key factors to consider that can help you make an informed decision. Here are some important pieces of information to look for:

Material: Choose bed sheets made from breathable and moisture-wicking materials, cotton or linen are usually good choices. These natural fibers have excellent airflow and can help keep you cool and comfortable during hot summer nights.

Thread Count: Look for a moderate thread count between 200 and 400. Higher thread counts may indicate a denser weave, which can reduce breathability and make you feel warmer.

Weave: Opt for a looser weave, such as percale or sateen, as it allows for better airflow and promotes better temperature regulation.

Cooling Technologies: Some bed sheets come with special cooling technologies or treatments designed to enhance breathability and moisture management. Look for features like moisture-wicking properties, cooling gel-infused fibers, or phase-change materials that can help regulate body temperature.

Color and Design: Lighter-colored bed sheets, especially whites, and pastels, tend to reflect heat better than darker shades. Consider choosing lighter colors to create a cooler and more refreshing atmosphere in your bedroom.

Care Instructions: Check the care instructions to ensure that the bed sheets are easy to maintain and can withstand frequent washing. Look for sheets that are machine washable and durable, as regular cleaning is important for hygiene and maintaining freshness.

Customer Reviews: If you shopping online, make sure you read customer reviews and ratings to get insights into the actual performance and comfort of the bed sheets. Pay attention to feedback related to breathability, cooling properties, and overall satisfaction during the summer months.

By considering these factors and gathering relevant information, you can make an informed decision when selecting summer bed sheets that will keep you cool, comfortable, and well-rested during the warmer months.



Stay Cool This Summer Season With Sonive


At Sonive we have two different bed sheet series for users with different preferences.

Sonive Jersey Knit Cotton Sheets


If you like traditional natural materials, Sonive Jersey Knit Cotton Sheets will provide the quality you won’t be disappointed. We use 145gsm premium cotton and weave with a breathable knit that makes this bed sheet soft to the skin. The thread count on Sonive Jersey Knit Cotton Sheets is 1800. If you have been carefully read through our blog, you may find this number is way higher than we talked about above. However, don’t forget this is a jersey knit fabric and have been used widely in sportswears. The good stretchability of the jersey knitting and the breathability of the premium cotton material make sure the moisture-wicking performance is not lost with high thread account quality. The higher thread account makes it durable to use for a long time and won’t be damaged due to machine wash.



Sonive Coolest-Comfort Breathable Sheets


On the other hand, if you want to try something different with the material, you need to check our Sonive Coolest-Comfort Breathable Sheets. Made of premium microfiber yarns and double brushed on both sides for ultimate softness and comfort. Again, if you carefully read above, microfiber should not be your first choice but what if the synthetic fabric is applied with cooling technology? The Sonive Coolest-Comfort Breathable Sheets use the new Nanotex ® Coolest Comfort Technology which uses a hydrophilic net architecture that works at the molecular level of the fibers of your fabric to quickly disperse moisture throughout the fabric resulting in advanced moisture wicking to allow the fabric to breathe naturally. Sonive Coolest-Comfort Breathable Sheets help balance your body temperature all night in an almost magical way. 



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