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We hope you appreciate this for the uniqueness that sonvie is, so let us help you find the size you're looking for below.


 Item Width Length
Standard 50cm 75cm
King 50cm 90cm
European 65cm 65cm
Please note: 2 x Standard Pillowcases are included in Double, Queen and King Sheet Sets. Single & King Single Sheet Sets only include 1 x Standard Pillowcase.

Fitted Sheets

When deciding which Fitted Sheet depth is for you, please measure the height of your mattress and choose a depth that would allow extra fabric to tuck your Fitted Sheet under your mattress - we suggest always having at least 4cm+ fabric to effectively tuck under the bed so the Fitted Sheet stays in place.
For example if you have a mattress that measures more than 26cm, then size up for the 40cm Fitted Sheet (if you choose a 30cm Fitted Sheet you will run the risk of the sheet popping out from the mattress).
In simple terms, the Fitted Sheet depth shown below is the maximum the sheet can stretch so use your judgment to ensure you choose the right size. If you need extra advice, reach out to our friendly Customer Care team! For a more detailed explanation, please see measurements below.
 Item Width Length Depth
Single 91cm 190cm 35cm
King Single 107cm 203cm 35cm
Long Single 91cm 203cm 35cm
Double 140cm 195cm 35cm
Queen 152cm 203cm 30, 40 or 50cm
King 180cm 203cm 30, 40 or 50cm

Quilt covers

 Size Width Length
Single 140cm/55.11" 210cm/82.67"
Double 180cm/70.86" 210cm/82.67"
Queen 210cm/82.67" 210cm/82.67"
King 245cm/94.48" 210cm/82.67"
Super King 270cm/106.29” 240cm/94.48"

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