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I was skeptical about cooling sheets but i said why not just try them. Well they really did keep me cool last night!! No night sweats and i got a good night sleep!! Definitely worth it!!

Amanda Adams (Nashville, US)

"Amazinggggg!! My husband & I LOVE these sheets! No sheet, they are amazingggg & a MUST!! :):)"

Chelsea Steffek (Hallettsville, US)

My autistic, sensory processing disorder 6 year old son, uses this blanket as his everyday blanket. It's excellent. It dosent really hold a smell, repels liquids and stains, lightweight but warm, and the material feels really nice.

Rachel Thomas (Memphis, US)

Absolutely love this comforter. Lightweight but not too light, soft, and comfy. Great for using in a camper when beds are hard to make. Just a little tug on the side and end to straighten it out, makes it look so nice!

Tiffany Murrell (Dallas, US)

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Sonive Blankitty - Soft Fuzzy Throw Flannel Blanket

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Sonive Blankitty - Soft Fuzzy Throw Flannel Blanket

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